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  • The bridge has lifted after a bad repair

    12-String Rescue

    A customer brought in this ’70s Giannini 12-string that was in need of a rescue. As you can see, there are some problems at the bridge, compounded by a bad repair job that failed. A quick look inside showed that the bridge plate was cracked, …

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  • Kokotele Icon

    The internet says I *need* this mod!

    Every third or fourth phone call I get seems to be from a customer that starts off by saying “I was reading one of the guitar forums, and I think I need…” The practical guitar tech in me wants to ask “What isn’t this guitar …

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  • Bone Nut

    Bone Nuts: The best upgrade ever?

    If I were to tell you that one simple upgrade to your guitar can improve the tone, response, character, and tuning stability of your guitar, your response would probably be “Of course I want one!” Cynics might be more apt to say “Yeah, right, pal.” …

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