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  • How long do you need to wait before unboxing a new guitar?

    It’s a frigid winter day, and the new guitar you bought online is going to be delivered today.  The excitement is almost too much and you’re eager to open it up, but you know it’s not safe to open a cold guitar in a warm …

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  • The bridge has lifted after a bad repair

    12-String Rescue

    A customer brought in this ’70s Giannini 12-string that was in need of a rescue. As you can see, there are some problems at the bridge, compounded by a bad repair job that failed. A quick look inside showed that the bridge plate was cracked, …

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  • Kokotele Icon

    The internet says I *need* this mod!

    Every third or fourth phone call I get seems to be from a customer that starts off by saying “I was reading one of the guitar forums, and I think I need…” The practical guitar tech in me wants to ask “What isn’t this guitar …

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  • Bone Nut

    Bone Nuts: The best upgrade ever?

    If I were to tell you that one simple upgrade to your guitar can improve the tone, response, character, and tuning stability of your guitar, your response would probably be “Of course I want one!” Cynics might be more apt to say “Yeah, right, pal.” …

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