Custom Builds

Chrome guitar pegheadLooking for a guitar with features you just can’t find on a production model? Is the custom shop out of your price range? These are exactly the right reasons to spec out your own custom guitar.

With some careful shopping, you can get exactly the instrument you want for less than a U.S. made producton guitar. Even more importantly, your new guitar will sound and play better than anything that came off an assembly line.

There are plenty of sources for great new or used guitar parts, but the prospect of making a great instrument can be daunting, or even impractical. Do you really want to buy the right tools to cut a nut, and spend the necessary hours practicing until you get it right?

Some of  the common problems encountered when assembling a guitar:

  • Neck doesn’t fit in the pocket properly or is misaligned
  • Bridge is crooked
  • Tremolo binds or puts the guitar horribly out of tune
  • Strings bind in the nut
  • Tuners are misaligned and look sloppy,
  • Cold solder joints, burned wires, overheated and damaged pots and capacitors
  • Custom wiring jobs just don’t work right

Instead of dealing with all those issues, gather the parts and I’ll assemble them into a great guitar for you.  I even sell parts at good prices to help you complete the project.

This service includes:

  • Full assembly
  • Bone nut
  • Electronics installed
  • Premium setup (including fretwork -click here for details)