Fret Work



When the frets are badly worn or you just want to change the size, it’s time for a refret.  Nobody is more meticulous about fretwork than I am, and my process is thorough:

1. Fretboard is trued
2. New frets are pressed into the fretboard for consistency
3. Frets are leveled & crowned, ends are rounded for a silky, comfortable feel
4. Each fret is individually checked for precise height
5. Frets receive 2 stages of polishing
6. Frets are rechecked for precision
7. New nut is installed
8. Basic setup completed

Refret Prices

Bolt-on neck, no binding $400
Bolt-on neck w/ binding $450
Set-neck, no binding $400
Set-neck w/ binding* $500
Gibson w/ binding overlapping fret ends; convert to fret ends laying on top of binding $550
Stainless Steel or EVO fret upgrade $50
Partial refret (1st 5) $150

*Binding upcharge applies to any instrument where the tang or end of the fret are hidden.  

Level & Crown (also called Grind & Polish)

Moderate fret wear can be fixed by grinding all of the frets until they lie in the same plane, then re-crowning and polishing the frets. This can generally be done repeatedly until the frets are down to about 2/3 of their original height.  If the wear goes deeper than that, it’s time for a refret.

The Level & Crown service is included in a Premium Setup, so you might find it more economical to go ahead and get the setup done at the same time.

Level & Crown Prices

Level & Crown $100
Level & Crown (heavy fret wear) $125
Level & Crown – new neck purchased through Kokotele $90