MusicianA good setup is the difference between an average guitar and a great guitar, and I am passionate about making great-playing guitars. I offer 2 levels of setups:

Premium Setup

A Premium Setup is what you want for the ultimate in playability.  In addition to tuning up the guitar, the frets are leveled to perfection, recrowned, and polished in 2 stages.  The result is a guitar that plays like it just came from the custom shop.

Standard Setup

A Standard Setup is a tune-up of the guitar to check that everything is adjusted as it should be.  It’s the first step in achieving great playability and making your guitar a reliable performer.

Basic Setup

The Basic Setup is a simple tweak of the truss rod and saddle height, done as part of other repair services.  It’s not available for purchase on its own.

Q: How often should I get my guitar set up?

A: It’s difficult to put a time frame on an answer like this.  The answer is “when it’s not playing right.” The most noticeable change over time is the relief in the neck, which can change due to changes in temperature, humidity, string gauges, or tuning.  The more playing time you put on a guitar, the faster the frets will wear, the more vibration will work screws loose, and the more dirt will get in your electronics.

Starting at $160 Starting at $65 not available for purchase
Level & Crown frets
ToneRite tone conditioning**
Set Action
Adjust Truss Rod
Set Intonation
Adjust bridge/tailpiece
Adjust nut slots
Adjust Pickups
Clean Electronics
Replace Strings*


Electric, fixed bridge $160 $65
Electric w/floating tremolo $185 $90
Acoustic $160 $65
Acoustic 12-string $190 $90
Bass – 4 strings $160 $65
Bass – 5 or 6 strings $180 $85

*Strings are not included in price.  Ernie Ball electric strings: $6, available in 9, 10, 11, or 12 gauge.  Martin SP Acoustic strings: $8, available in 11, 12, or 13 gauge.  Bass strings are not stocked.

**Acoustic only