ToneRiteThink of the ToneRite as a tone conditioner.  An instrument that hasn’t been broken in or hasn’t been played in a while can feel and sound a little tight, a little boxy and muted.  The ToneRite treatment helps open it up.  The difference can sometimes be subtle, but definitely noticeable.  Sometimes it can be dramatic.  A lot depends on the construction of the guitar and how much it’s been played in.

The ToneRite works by relieving the inherent tensions in wooden instruments. A new or even moderately played instrument has a tendency to have a lot of individual components that resonate independently. By transferring certain energies to an instrument, the ToneRite will help the instrument to resonate as a whole. As a result, your instrument becomes incredibly responsive, problem notes improve, the sound comes more quickly with less effort, and the overall quality of tone increases.

I’m pretty good at sniffing out snake oil, and after a lot of research and my own trials, I believe this is the real deal.  I tried it on my own guitars and found that it consistently improved the tone on the guitars that went unplayed for a while.

Also, they rarely come up for sale on the used market.  Things that aren’t useful tend to sit on the market for a while and sell cheaply as people try to recoup their losses, and eventually aren’t sold at all, new or used.   With no used units for sale, it appears that people are pretty happy with it.  I know that I was impressed with my initial results.

Initial treatments from 72-144 hours are recommended.  Only recommended for acoustic instruments.


First 72 hrs $50
Each additional 24 hrs, $10
Added to Premium setup $25